Celtic Faery's Shield Talisman

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This Design represents the Trinity of the Divine Goddess. The Celts honored the number 3 and it's connection to the Goddess.

We honor the Maiden for coming of age, making life changes, and New Beginnings. We honor The Mother when we wish to become pregnant, are ready to give birth, and to bless the newborn and all other children and grandchildren. We honor The Crone for our celebrations of menopause, transformation, deep wisdom, and the ending of relationships.

Her true weapons are her Wisdom and Sself-confidence. Her strength is in her willingness to learn and grow. Her inner peace comes from her sense of place in creation, and her recognition that she carries a spark of the Goddess within her at all times.

Wear the Faery Shield to honor the Celtic woman within you: "she recognizes her Spiritual links to all living things.