Caduceus - The Healer's Staff Talisman

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This unique symbol is Sacred to the god Hermes (Roman-Mercury) and used by Healers for thousands of years.

     Incorporated into its design is the "Winged Serpent," a motif found in many Ancient Civilizations most notably the Egyptian, Mayan, and Greek. This Serpent can be seen as the "Kundalini Energy" spiraling up the spine, empowering the 7 Chakras, up to the Crown Chakra where Cosmic Consciousness blossoms and takes flight hence the Eagle's wings. This metaphor expresses the Ancient Wisdom that True Healing only takes place when we conquer our unevolved or unloved aspects by Spiritual Progression. 

    The central axis of the Caduceus represents the male/female energy combined. The Orbs are the Root and Crown chakras. The two snakes are traditionally coloured silver and gold, the left being the Female: receptive, Lunar, and the right being the Male active, Solar.      

This pendant brings Deep Healing, Revelation of the Root Cause. Ease is the cure to dis-ease, and the Caduceus invokes Good Health, Strength, and Healing Power to overcome illnesses, be they of the Mind, Body, or Soul.