Brooms of Elder Talisman

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The "Broom Pentacle” is made up of Five Magical symbols; the pentacle, the broomstick, the elder leaf, the vine, and the circle. It is a beautiful representation for believers and practitioners of the ancient arts.

At the center is the Elder leaf. The Elder tree was Sacred to the Druids, who created the Celtic tree alphabet which was utilized in their Mystical, Spiritual practice. Elder leaves were used in Healing Spells. The Elder branches were used to make the witches’ “travel broomsticks” which allowed them to navigate the astral plane.

The Broomstick has been used by wise-women for centuries. They protected the mother and the newborn by “sweeping” the evil spirits out of the house after a woman gave birth. Priestesses ritually used the broomstick in the performance of marriage ceremonies.

Medieval peoples called witches “Broom Amazons” and believed their broomsticks carried them through the sky like magic horses.

The Pentacle is an ancient symbol associated with magic, paganism and all forms of mysticism. The Pentacle is made up of an inter-laced pattern, with no “gates” or openings for Evil Spirits to enter. Gypsies referred to the pentacle as the “Star of Knowledge”. They believed the Earth Mother placed the symbol inside the apple.

Surrounding the Pentacle is the Circle, symbol of the consecrated space, the center of the Mother. The circle is the primary feminine sign.

Wrapped around the circle is the Vine, It is the vine of the Blackberry bush, considered sacred by the ancient Peoples.