Brigid's Cross Talisman

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Brigid's Cross is named for Brigid of Kildare, the only female patron saint of Ireland, who was born c. 450 A.D. in Leinster.  Her name is spelled in many ways: Brighid, Brigit, Bridget, Brigid and Brid (Irish pronunciation -"Breet").  Brigid was the most beloved Celtic Goddess of her Pagan followers.  She was the daughter of the "Dagna" -the great father-God of Ireland.  Brigid left no historical record, and most information about her lfe and work derives from writings of the monk Brother Cogitosus some 200 years after her birth.  The prevailing Christian folklore surrounding Brigid's Cross involves the deathbead Christian conversion of a Pagan Chieftain, and in some stories her father.  While telling the Pagan about the Crucifixation of Jesus, Brigid collected rushes from the ground and wove them into a cross, after which the Chieftain requested a Christian baptism.

Wear Brigid's Knot to Honor the Goddess and bring Positive Energy, Harmony, and Creativity into your Hearth Home!