Assassin's Shield Talisman

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The Assassin's Insignia or Shield is rendered in a Celtic Knotwork motif. This intricate knotwork holds special meaning. In the center is a "Celtic Triquetra"-Knotwork with 3 symbolic legs.

      The Celts favored the idea that everything important in the world came in threes; 3 stages of life, 3 elements, 3 domains; earth, sea and sky or past, present and future.

    The central "Triquetra" is drawn weaving around a Circle: symbolizing the unity of the three parts. It is also known as The Trinity Knot. Like all Celtic knots the "Triquetra" is constructed of one continuous line symbolizing No Beginning or End, an Eternal Spiritual Life.

 The Assassin's Insignia was used as an identification sign for members of their Secret Society.