Assassin's Creed Pentacle Talisman

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The Pentacle has had many names: Pentacle of the Virgin, The Star of Knowledge, Pentalpha, as well as the “Pentacle of the Knights Templars.”

The Pentacle symbolizes many things: Spirit ruling over Matter, Humankind’s Five Senses, the Five stages of Life, the Five States of Consciousness.  The Pentacle is said to “Bring a Vital Life Force,” “Good Health” as well as “Protection Against Evil Spirits.”

 In the movie, Callum Lynch discovers he is descended from a Mysterious Secret Society: “the Assassins". He discovers Ancient Esoteric Knowledge and skills to take on the oppressive and powerful Templar organization in the present day. This Secret Society certainly knew of the Power of the Pentacle and how to use it for Good.