Odin's Runes Talisman

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This unique “Rune Set” was developed by Guido Von List (1848-1919.) they came to him while he was temporarily blind and he claimed them to be a rediscovery of the Norse God Odin’s Original Magical Runes. List claims that his 18 runes correspond to the “18 Magical Spells” told of by the Norse God Odin: spells to avert any woe in the struggles of life, for Victory in War, Healing, Marriage, Protection in Battle, and so forth.

Guidance by these runes maintains a healthy balanced way of being one with the rest of Creation: creating a harmony between Man and Nature.

On the front of our Magical Amulet, is the ‘Mother Rune,’ Hagal, in its ‘Tree of Life’ form. The 18 "blooms” around the branches of the Tree correspond to the 18 runes. "Follow the laws of nature, and harmonious growth is the reward."

The back of the amulet has the runes laid around the World Tree map of Yggdrasil, showing the nine halls of the gods, or the nine dimensions. The central world in the tree is Midgardh (middle garden), where we exist and where all things are possible.

This Magical Amulet is designed to bring the wearer all the benefits of the individual runes, and to bring ones being into harmony with nature, ensuring a Happy, Healthy life, and bring Balance, Strength and Longevity to one’s life.