13th Zodiac-Ophiuchus: The Snake Bearer Talisman

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Ophiuchus [of-ee-yoo-kuh s] is a rarely used astrological sign which is not included in most versions of the Zodiac. 

It is also known as “Serpentarius,” [The Snake] - Nov 29 to Dec 17. The constellation is a Giant holding a single Snake.  

This sign is associated with a real person: Imhotep, an Ancient Egyptian known as the "Serpent Holder," said to have introduced Healing to Mankind. The Greeks associated Imhotep with their God Asclepius whose symbol is a rod with a single snake: a Symbol of Healing still used today.  

     Positive Attributes : Natural Healing, Empathy, a Righteous Defiance of Authority,  Holders of Hidden Wisdom, Trustworthiness, a Great Passion for Justice, a Strong Constitution,  Longevity, Vivid Dreams, a Dream interpreter , Naturally Likable, Wise, and intelligent. You manifest Sexual Magic and are a Passionate Lover.      

     Negative Attributes: Others may be jealous of you: a result of the natural way life seems to go your way. You may be Hyper-Critical of those confronted with less blessed existence and intelligence.

Ophiuchusians are often forced by their nature to wander and take risks, often leading to separation from their natural family. You may be your own worst enemy. You have heightened expectations because you know you are Destined for Greatness.   

    This pendant has all of the 12 Zodiacs surrounding the 13th and is Inspirational For All Healers.