Star of Inner Balance Talisman

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The “Star of Inner Balance” is a powerful mandala created to enhance our ability to maintain balance within ourselves.

The central icon is a six-pointed star -The Star of David. It’s roots however, were in India, where the hexagram (six-pointed star) was revered as symbolizing the Sacred Sexual Union between the Goddess Kali and the God, Shiva.

The downward pointing triangle represents the female symbol of Water and grace descending from heaven; the upward-pointing triangle represents the male symbol of Fire, and the ascent into the heavens.

Surrounding the hexagram, are the intertwining Sun and Moon, representing the male and female energies necessary for the creation and sustenance of life itself. The twelve points of the sun and star symbolize the twelve zodiacs, and the twelve months it takes the earth circle the sun.

The Star represents the Miracle of Life which depends on the sacred union of the male and female Spirit. These spirits manifest themselves not only in human form, but in everything around us.

Balancing the mind, body, and spirit is the key to living life in harmony with nature, making us stronger, happier, and self-confident. Understanding the delicate balance of male and female energies within us, can deepen understanding of our own sexuality, and enhance our sexual experience!